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TO HOLD THE DATE:      A deposit of £100 (the trial cost) is to be settled before any wedding date can be held. This is generally done via a bank transfer. This means that I will hold the wedding date, once received, UNTIL the trial date itself.  Please see T’s & C’s regarding refunds and cancellations.


LAST MINUTE TRIALS:     If a last minute request for an urgent and imminent date is needed, then CASH can be paid on the day of the trial and then payment for the balance can either be arranged via electronic transfer after the trial or CASH to settle is accepted. Alternatively, if your phone supports a system of payments to new recipients (some banks insist on this being done by a home computer), then I will accept this. The client is requested to have the means of payment BEFORE the trial take place and pay at the trial after completed, and not to assume that it can be added to the confirmation balance.


TRIALS WITH MULTIPLE ARTISTS:    I am happy to see clients that want to have several trials with different artists, but I ask that you tell me that this is the case.  I recommend a trial as soon as possible as the date will remain ‘open’ until full settlement of Brides makeup on the wedding day is made.   I will endeavour, by prior arrangement, to keep you informed of other people’s interest in the date, but cannot always do so. Whilst happy for clients to await outcomes of all trials before confirmation, if I don’t know that this is the case, it just appears rude and is stressful waiting for the confirmation balance and also not being able to tell other enquirees that the date is still technically free, I therefore,  would appreciate being informed if this situation is the case and can give everyone involved the best service that I can.


TO CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING:  Once trial has been done (even if the date has been held with a deposit and the trial held some months later) if happy with everything, the COST FOR THE BRIDE will be charged for in FULL for makeup.  Other members of the bridal party can be settled in the run up to the wedding (I will invoice) OR in cash by prior arrangement (generally taken by this method if bridal party members are paying for themselves or for overseas clients).  Usually, I ask that this is settled within a few days from having the trial.  THE DATE REMAINS OPEN if not settled.  This applies to everyone.  If special requirements for payment terms are needed (ie waiting for wages to be paid in etc) please let me know asap, and arrangements can be made.  Any non-payment will be construed as a non-confirmed booking and the wedding date will automatically be offered up to other interested parties.


TRIALS & WEDDING DAY FOR OTHER PARTY MEMBERS:  All trials for other bridal party members must be paid for at the trial by Cash/cheque/electronic payment either ahead of the trial or on the day of the trial, but sometimes I add to the total bill by prior arrangement.  Wedding day makeup for them can be paid for in the run up to the Big Day (I invoice) or by cash by prior arrangement.


PRODUCTS PURCHASED FOR CLIENT THAT HAVE BEEN ORDERED BEFOREHAND:  Any products that I get ahead of the wedding for clients will be added to the invoice.  Once bought, it must be paid for.  If a change of mind about a certain lip colour etc is made, then the products must still be paid for.  Always check with me first, though, as I may well not have purchased it yet, thereby avoiding extra costs.  I am in the enviable position of getting certain products with a pro discount and happy to pass this service on at no extra cost.  I am generally out buying for my kit and for brides who have chosen a lip colour from said outlets, but any larger amount of purchases may be asked for directly after purchasing even if the wedding date is still some time away and must be paid for in advance.  As for the chosen lip colour itself, if I am to purchase it, then reimbursement can be made on the wedding day if preferred.  NO PRODUCTS WILL BE HANDED OVER IF REIMBURSEMENT CANNOT BE MADE.


TRAVEL COSTS:  All extra travel costs for journeys over 20 miles will be added to either the trial cost or the wedding day (whichever applies).  Travel fees such as airline or train tickets must be reimbursed for BEFORE the wedding day, likewise any accommodation fees that may be needed for distance or destination weddings.  ALL PARKING FEES OVER £5 will be charged for.  It is for all clients to research parking restrictions at their venue or preparation address and arrange for permits if necessary, or reimbursement.




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